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Author Topic: how to rid oneself of bad thoughts  (Read 5094 times)
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« on: October 16, 2009, 07:18:02 AM »

 ???How does one get rid of annoying and unwanted yetzer hara thoughts?
I have come some way in taming the Yetzer Hara, but just when i think i have got a handle on it, it launches another attack.  One of the Yetzers tricks is to try and make me feel superior to others and also that i should wish others ill will. thoughts like, ''I hope she dies'' or wishing some one to fall dowm etc, often pop into my head.  I used to feel very dowm abaout these thoughts , thinking that i was a bad person and that i genuinely wanted others to hurt themselves or perish, G-d Forbid.  Then i realised it is just the Yetzer hara.

I prayed to Hashem, that if I have such a thought again, He should redirect the wish back to myself and that i sould be subject to the bad thoughts consequences.  The last thing i want is to be giving people the evil eye.

So now if i have a thought i do not worry that i am wishing people bad because i believe that Hashem Knows my heart and he knows i love Am Yisroel and that i want all our people to succeed, have long lives and to be besimchah. I now say a pray to ?Hashem that He should nolify that bad effects my bad thoughts have on myself. 

This technique has certainly helped in decreasing the bad and unwanted thoughts.  I geuss my Yetzer hata is a preasure seeker at heart and that it wants to have long life just as much as my yetzer tov wants long life to serve Hashem.

The only problem now is that the yetzer hara has launched a new line of attack.  It now plauges me with unwanted sexual thoughts that i do not know how to overcome?

any suggestions?
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