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Author Topic: Parshas Bo  (Read 3261 times)
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« on: July 20, 2008, 05:41:16 PM »

In his discussion of Parshas Bo, Rabbi Reichman discusses the idea in Chasidus that beyond the regular three levels of the soul (the life force, emotion, and intellect), there are two more outer levels that are really beyond our comprehension. These levels of Chaya and Yechida encompass outter levels of creation, and are essentially our tzelem Elokim. Rabbi Reichman discussed that in our attempts to understand ourselves, sometimes we can not totally plunge the depths of our soul - and really understand ourselves and our actions, because sometimes our actions and thoughts emanate from higher levels.
I found this to be a really beautiful idea, that people are deeper than just their intellect, emotion and life force. Our soul is connected to Hashem, and draws us to a much higher level. I think that this may be the level that draws people to spirituality even beyond that which they know and experienced, as you will often hear ba'alei teshuvah say that they were searching for something, yet didn't know what it was untill they found Torah. Even man's intellect is limited, but the higher levels of the soul can draw us higher. This is also why it is so essential to be constantly growing in one's learning of Torah, because this lets us access these higher levels of our soul that are drawn from the intellect of Hashem, which is spelled out in the Torah. By learning Torah we are actually learning about levels of ourselves that we can not learn about any other way.
I have greatly enjoyed this shiur, and would like to thank both Na'aleh and Rabbi Reichman for giving me this oportunity to learn more Torah, and hopefully to have grown in my understanding of myself. Thank you!
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