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Perakim 21 and 22: Justice and Charity By: Rabbi Avishai David
In this Torah shiur (class) on Sefer Yirmiyahu, Rabbi Avishai David compares the content and structure of perek 21, which is addressed to the king, and perek 22, which is addressed to the king and the nation at the Beit Hamikdash.  Rabbi David quotes the works of Rabbi Joseph Ber Soloveitchik and Rabbi Aharon Soloveitchik as he defines the nuances within justice, as demonstrated with the many terms for justice which are mentioned in the Torah.  This Torah class is available online in streaming video and for download in mp3 and ipod video formats.

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  Class Information
Class: Yirmiyahu III

Added: December 24, 2008

Class Number: 7 of 17

Time: 55:10

Topics: Bein Adam LeChavero / Prophecy / Tanach / Sefer Yirmiyahu


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