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Achieving Balance: Class #3

Excerpted from Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller’s Question and Answer series on


How can I increase my kavana in tefilah?  Can you provide some practical solutions?


Create a mental image that speaks to you and use it to guide you through tefillah. I’ll suggest one but you can use your own.

Close your eyes and picture yourself as a young child, way before you realized that your parents didn’t have much control over events. Imagine your father or mother telling you, “It’ll be ok.” Take that moment of absolute trust and transfer that feeling to Hashem. Ultimately, He cares for you more than anyone, and only He can give you what you need. Take this image along with you when you start davening.

It’s difficult to move from an outside action oriented world to an internal world.  Try to concentrate on the meaning of the words. When you say Pisukei D’zimra, draw Hashem’s infinity into your heart.  When you get to Shemone Esrei, think about Hashems omnipotence and recognize that only His life force and essence can give you what you need.

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