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Preparation for Shemoneh Esrai: G-d as Creator

Based on a shiur by Rabbi Hershel Reichman  

The morning Shemonei Esrei prayer is prefaced by three introductory blessings. The first blessing is Yotzer Hameorot followed by Ahava Rabba and Ga’ol Yisrael. The blessing of  Yotzer Hameorot depicts the awesome wonder of the Creator and His magnificent creation, specifically the sun, the source of life. As the first morning light peeks through the clouds, it evokes feelings of profound gratitude for the beauty of Hashem’s world. The sun causes vegetation to grow and the water in the ocean to evaporate so that it forms into clouds which then comes down as rain. As we enunciate the words of the blessing we express our thanks and praise to Hashem, the Creator of the world for the sun’s lights and for all of the wonders of creation. We echo the praises of the angels in heaven. Although they are beyond the physical world, they too affirm that Hashem is the source of their existence. We say that Hashem is kadosh, holy and beyond praise. We further acclaim His name, “Baruch kavod Hashem mimkomo.” Hashem’s glory is all pervading.

The blessing of Yotzer Hame’orot inspires us with renewed faith and is an important prelude to Shemonei Esrei. When we speak about Hashem’s wondrous creation we get a sense of His awesome greatness and that we can rely upon him for all of our needs. If the Creator is so powerful and exalted and is the source of so much light and goodness, surely He will respond to all our deepest prayers.

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