The Torah Learning on this site is dedicated לעלוי נשמת Rochel Leah bas R’Chaim Tzvi and R' Yisrael Menachem ben R' Binyamin.

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Please join us as we pray for those who need healing:

Libi Sapir Gavriella bas Isa

Chaim Elozor ben Baila

Chaya Baila bas Leah Basya

Daniel Akiva ben Naomi

Mazal bas Chula

Libi Chava Leah bas Sharon Rivka

HaRav Avraham Tzvi Halevi ben Sara

Avigayil bas Rivka Batya

Yisroel Amichai ben Sara

Penina Rivka bas Miriam Rochel 

Refael Yekusiel ben Leah Chaya

Mirel bas Chava Toiba

Nomi Malka bas Hosh'ana Leah

Yechezkel Yeshaya ben Sarah

Yisroel Meir ben Chana

Aharon Dovid ben Chaya Toiba

Tamar Debora bat Etya lifsha 

Chana Goldye bat Aviva Meira

Aviva Meira bat Dorit

Frumah Dvorah bat Yaffa

Dina bat Sara

Batyah bat Dina

Baruch Gershon ben Rochel Chaya

Yocheved Tamar bas Ita Baila

Moshe Yehuda ben Rachel Miriam

Mordechai Dovid ben Miriam

Rahamim ben Aliza

Tinokes bas Shoshana Batya

Tinok ben Shoshana Batya

Razel bas Rivka

Yehuda Leib ben Rochel

Chaya Rayzel Daniella bas Zissel Leah

Gabriela Rochel bas Orit Fani

Shira Liana bas Dina

Chaya Feigie bat Rachel

Be sure to also visit our Tehillim for Israel Solidarity page as well, for a list of all those injured due to the recent wave of terrorism in Israel.

Please help us update the status of our Refuah Shleima page!  If you have submitted a name in the past to, please email to let us know the status of the person you told us about.  We will be refreshing out list every 3 months.

Anyone who would like to submit a name for refuah shleima can send it to

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