The Torah Learning on this site is dedicated לעלוי נשמת Rochel Leah bas R’Chaim Tzvi and R' Yisrael Menachem ben R' Binyamin.

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Please read the following terms carefully upon registering as a Na’aleh student.

All classes are the exclusive private property of Na’aleh Online Torah School and may not be copied or transmitted in any way without written consent from Na’aleh. Users cannot host our files on their own servers without permission.

Na’aleh is committed to maintaining a standard of students and appropriate behavior befitted a Torah school of this kind. Na’aleh therefore reserves the right to reject any application for any reason. Na’aleh may also terminate the membership of any student for any reason. The student will be contacted prior to such action. An explanation may or may not be given at the discretion of Na’aleh.

All visitors to agree to refrain from interfering with the integrity of this web site in any way.

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the Na’aleh classes, please contact us. We will try our best to resolve the issue. Please be patient and know that we are working hard to bring you top quality Torah Classes.

Only members that put in a reference and are approved for chatting will be allowed to participate in the Shmooze Room and other chat forums.

In order to view full length classes visitors must Register with Na'aleh.

Na’aleh is committed to its students’ satisfaction, and will do its best to accommodate students’ unique needs and situations.

Please refer to these terms and conditions periodically to check for adjustments, as they may be updated at any time.

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