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The Essence of Purim By: Mrs. Shira Smiles
Mrs. Shira Smiles addresses the question: What is Purim all about?

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  • Devorah wrote on February, 25 2013 7:10 am

    This class was so inspiring to me that I led a class based on it, led a guided Tefilah session Purim night at my Shul and told everyone i know to pray on Purim. Most people had never heard this concept and I found it profound and powerful. Thank you! I used to live in LA and heard Shira Smiles classes there. Now I live in Portland. Oregon and it makes a great difference in my life to have these shiurim available here. Thank you Naaleh!

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Class: Purim Unmasked

Added: February 26, 2007

Class Number: 8 of 39

Time: 139:48

Topics: Holidays / Purim / Redemption


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