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Where was Sarah during the Akeida? By: Mrs. Shira Smiles
Mrs. Shira Smiles continues her discussion on the Akeidat Yitzchak, focusing on the end of the first Passuk of the Akieda, and beginning the Second Passuk. We noted the meaning of the word 'Et', and saw who it may come to include. We looked at the manner of Hashem’s call to Avraham Avinu, and observed the response Avraham's striking response of Hineni. We noted the fact that Sarah Imenu doesn’t participate in this nisayon, and explained the reason for this. We examined the word "Na" and saw the different meanings of the word, and its implications. Through Rashi we saw the importance of the Akieda compared to the other Nisyonot.

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  Class Information
Class: Akeidat Yitzchak

Added: April 23, 2007

Class Number: 3 of 18

Time: 47:44

Topics: Chumash / Advanced Chumash


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