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Baruch Shem Kavod Malchuso By: Rabbi Michael Taubes
In this shiur (Torah class), Rabbi Michael Taubes discusses the fascinating halachik concept of reciting baruch shem kavod malchuso l'olam vaed. This phrase is generally recited after on says Shema as well as after one accidentally begins reciting an unnecessary bracha (blessing). This class focuses on the latter instance, providing an indepth understanding as well as the halchot concerning the phrase.

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  • Philippe wrote on July, 26 2013 3:26 am

    Very complete lecture. As a man, I would have liked to have heard the Rabbi expound on the question of why we utter these words after putting on the tefillin shel rosh (at least some of us hold that way). If as he says, for a brocha, where there is a sofek, we hold that we do not say the brocha, why then do some people choose to say the brocha over the shel rosh and then the Baruch Sheim? My understanding is the fundamental question is if tefillin is one mitzvah or two (the shel yad and the shel rosh are together one mitzvah) and each one requires a separate brocha. I know some people do not say the second brocha at all (al mitzvas tefilin) and other people, their customs differ. The Rabbi did not touch on this during his lecture.

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Class: Contemporary Halacha

Added: February 01, 2009

Class Number: 7 of 17

Time: 43:18

Topics: Brachot / Halacha


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