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Kayin And Hevel By: Mrs. Shoshie Nissinbaum

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  • Chavi wrote on March, 21 2016 3:15 pm

    Dearest Mrs. Nissinbaum, Thank you for reaching out to your listeners. I appreciate your desire to make Naaleh user friendly. Bringing Torah to people like myself is a huge mitzvah. As a mother of small, and not such small children, I do not leave my house often; my family like me home! Instead i download shiurim onto my MP3 and do my housework while listening to shiurim. I feel like i have the best of both worlds. I am learning and growing while at the same time I am available for the people who need me most. I am one of Rebbetzin Heller's greatest fans (although i believe i have stiff competition!) and would like to hear more of her question and answer sessions. I would also like to know how to post my own questions. I also listened to the first three perakim of Megilas Esther and then found the the rest were not available for downloads, which lest me longing for more. Keep up the great work..."kol me shoisek betzarchie tziibbur, H"KBU yeshalem secharam" with much appreciation. Chavi from Beitar

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Class: Purim Unmasked

Added: March 07, 2016

Class Number: 36 of 39

Time: 07:26

Topics: Purim


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