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Rabbi Eliezer Yehuda Miller
Rabbi Eliezer Yehuda Miller, Mashgiach and Magid Shiur at Yeshivas Torah V'Emunah in Jerusalem, was born and raised in Gateshead, England.  As a teenager, he moved to Bnei Brak, Israel, where he studied at the famed Ponovezh Yeshiva. For the last fifteen years or so, Rabbi Miller has been teaching in a diverse range of men's Yeshivot, women's seminaries, and high schools.  He has also authored two books on the innate connection every Jew has with his Maker, entitled 'A Heart to Know Me' and 'Ohel Shiken B'Adam'.  The Miller home is famous for its hachnasat orchim. Every Shabbos, ten to twenty guests come to their Geula home to experience their unique Shabbat table. View full teacher description
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