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On-Demand Parenting Webinar with Rebbetzin Heller-Gottlieb

Title: Anchor in the Stormy Sea – Parenting in the Wake of Corona & Goals for Success in the Coming Year

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Our recent poll showed that many parents are overwhelmed with the difficult situation at home during the pandemic. In this on-demand webinar, Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller Gottlieb, internationally renowned educator and lecturer, addresses your pressing parenting questions and chinuch conundrums. Listen as she shares uplifting words of chizuk, practical advice, and pointers for parenting success for the new year.

Be inspired by Rebbetzin Heller’s unique blend of passion, wit, and wisdom as she shares years of educational experience and gives you a clear parenting map for the coming year.

Watch the webinar and transform your home into a blissful, tranquil, island amid a stormy sea.

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