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Contemporary Halacha
Rabbi Michael Taubes presents contemporary Halachic topics in a well-researched and clear manner. The topics are presented beginning from the relevant verses in the Torah, and then follows the Halachic sources from the Talmud until contemporary poskim (Halachic authorities).
Teacher: Rabbi Michael Taubes

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The Mitzvah of Tochacha show Contemporary Halacha 1 Rabbi Michael Taubes
The Halachot of an Onan show Contemporary Halacha 2 Rabbi Michael Taubes
The Three Meals of Shabbat show Contemporary Halacha 3 Rabbi Michael Taubes
Embarrasing Others show Contemporary Halacha 4 Rabbi Michael Taubes
Responsibility Towards Others show Contemporary Halacha 5 Rabbi Michael Taubes
Jewish Names show Contemporary Halacha 6 Rabbi Michael Taubes
Baruch Shem Kavod Malchuso show Contemporary Halacha 7 Rabbi Michael Taubes
The Names of G-d show Contemporary Halacha 8 Rabbi Michael Taubes
The Fast of the Firstborns show Contemporary Halacha 9 Rabbi Michael Taubes
The Halchik Obligation of Krias HaTorah show Contemporary Halacha 10 Rabbi Michael Taubes
Thirty Days before Pesach show Contemporary Halacha 11 Rabbi Michael Taubes
Writing on Shabbat show Contemporary Halacha 12 Rabbi Michael Taubes
Adding to Shabbat show Contemporary Halacha 13 Rabbi Michael Taubes
The Mitzvah of Talmud Torah show Contemporary Halacha 14 Rabbi Michael Taubes
Shabbat Kiddush show Contemporary Halacha 15 Rabbi Michael Taubes
Property Damages show Contemporary Halacha 16 Rabbi Michael Taubes
Meat and Fish show Contemporary Halacha 18 Rabbi Michael Taubes
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