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Unraveling the Haggadah
The Hagaddah is the guidebook for every Pesach Seder. Yet much of the Haggadah is cryptic and does not seem to clearly accomplish the goals of recounting the story of Yetziat Mitzrayim (the Exodus from Egypt). Mrs. Chana Prero unravels the mysteries of the Haggadah, by explaining historical context of the Haggadah, the Rabbinic requirements of retelling the story of the Exodus, and how the Haggadah fulfills these conditions. This class does not assume any previous knowledge of Hebrew or...(more)

Teacher: Mrs. Chana Prero

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History of the Haggadah show Unraveling the Haggadah 1 Mrs. Chana Prero
Lowly Origins show Unraveling the Haggadah 2 Mrs. Chana Prero
Explication of Maggid show Unraveling the Haggadah 3 Mrs. Chana Prero
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