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Hilchot Shabbat IV
Rabbi Shimon Isaacson explores the Halachic sources and practical applications of the thirty nine Melachot, forbidden activities, of Shabbat. This course covers the melachot of Kosher (Tying), Kotev (Writing) and Mochek (Erasing), Libun (Laundering), and Sechita (Wringing Out. Also includes a study of the various issues involved in brushing teeth on Shabbat.
Teacher: Rabbi Shimon Isaacson

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Introduction to Melechet Kosher show Hilchot Shabbat IV 1 Rabbi Shimon Isaacson
Melechet Kosher Principles and Applications show Hilchot Shabbat IV 2 Rabbi Shimon Isaacson
Introduction to Melachot of Kotev and Mochek show Hilchot Shabbat IV 3 Rabbi Shimon Isaacson
The Melacha of Kotev: Engraving show Hilchot Shabbat IV 4 Rabbi Shimon Isaacson
Melechet Kotev: Temporary Writing show Hilchot Shabbat IV 5 Rabbi Shimon Isaacson
Practical Applications of Kotev show Hilchot Shabbat IV 6 Rabbi Shimon Isaacson
Kotev: Writing in Other Languages show Hilchot Shabbat IV 7 Rabbi Shimon Isaacson
Mochek: Erasing on Shabbat show Hilchot Shabbat IV 8 Rabbi Shimon Isaacson
Introduction to Libun: Laundering on Shabbat show Hilchot Shabbat IV 9 Rabbi Shimon Isaacson
Laws of Libun, Part 2: Dry Cleaning show Hilchot Shabbat IV 10 Rabbi Shimon Isaacson
Sechita: The Prohibition of Wringing out Clothing show Hilchot Shabbat IV 11 Rabbi Shimon Isaacson
Hanging Up Wet Clothing on Shabbat show Hilchot Shabbat IV 12 Rabbi Shimon Isaacson
Overview of Memachek show Hilchot Shabbat IV 13 Rabbi Shimon Isaacson
Brushing Teeth on Shabbat show Hilchot Shabbat IV 14 Rabbi Shimon Isaacson
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