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Pirkei Avot
Pirkei Avot is a tractate in the Mishna, which presents the ethical teachings of our sages, as opposed to purely Halachic lessons. This important tractate is a cornerstone of Jewish thought and a the Torah mode of conduct. Pirkei Avot is a powerful guidepost for every Jew attempting to perfect his or her character and behavior.
Teacher: Rabbi Michael Taubes

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Legacy of Our Sages: Introduction to Pirkei Avot show Pirkei Avot 1 Rabbi Michael Taubes
Finding G-d, friendship and leadership show Pirkei Avot 2 Rabbi Michael Taubes
Serving G-d show Pirkei Avot 3 Rabbi Michael Taubes
Teachings of Hillel show Pirkei Avot 4 Rabbi Michael Taubes
Fullfilling the Will of G-d show Pirkei Avot 5 Rabbi Michael Taubes
The Ways of G-d show Pirkei Avot 7 Rabbi Michael Taubes
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