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Chassidic Sparks 2
These short classes by Rabbi Hershel Reichman present the inspirational Chassidic ideas of the Nesivos Shalom on the Parsha.
Teacher: Rabbi Hershel Reichman

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Spiritual Garments Parshat Mishpatim show Chassidic Sparks 2 1 Rabbi Hershel Riechman
Parshat Mishpatim: Two Sources of Repentance - Eved Ivri show Chassidic Sparks 2 2 Rabbi Hershel Riechman
The Gift to the Yetzer Hara show Chassidic Sparks 2 3 Rabbi Hershel Reichman
Parshat Vayishlach: Two Types of Yetzer Hara show Chassidic Sparks 2 4 Rabbi Hershel Reichman
The Two Mitzvot of The Mishkan Parshat Tezave show Chassidic Sparks 2 5 Rabbi Hershel Riechman
Parshat Vayigash :Prayer Despite Sin show Chassidic Sparks 2 6 Rabbi Hershel Reichman
The mishkan And The Mikdash Parshat Vayikra show Chassidic Sparks 2 10 Rabbi Hershel Reichman
Proper Thinking parshat Vayikra show Chassidic Sparks 2 11 Rabbi Hershel Reichman
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