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Ask the Dayan
Every day, various situations occur where one is unsure of the proper course of action. Jewish law, halacha, guides us in every situation. Dayan Cohen, an experienced rabbinical judge, answers questions of halacha regarding financial relationships and everyday money-related questions.
Teacher: Dayan Shlomo Cohen
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Ask the Dayan 1: Cancelled Agreements show Ask the Dayan 1 Dayan Shlomo Cohen
Ask The Dayan 2 show Ask the Dayan 2 Dayan Shlomo Cohen
Ask the Dayan 3 show Ask the Dayan 3 Dayan Shlomo Cohen
Ask The Dayan 4 show Ask the Dayan 4 Dayan Shlomo Cohen
Ask The Dayan 5 show Ask the Dayan 5 Dayan Shlomo Cohen
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