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Yirmiyahu III
Rabbi Avishai David explains the timely messages of the prophet Yirmiyahu. The course focuses on both the structure and poetry of the text, as well as the inspiration and spiritual impact words of Yirmiyahu should have on our lives today.
Teacher: Rabbi Avishai David

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Truthful Prophecy: Perek 18 show Yirmiyahu III 1 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 18 show Yirmiyahu III 2 Rabbi Avishai David
Abandoned Homeland show Yirmiyahu III 3 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 19: Yirmiyahu's Suffering show Yirmiyahu III 4 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 20: Unsuppressed Prophecy show Yirmiyahu III 5 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 21 show Yirmiyahu III 6 Rabbi Avishai David
Perakim 21 and 22: Justice and Charity show Yirmiyahu III 7 Rabbi Avishai David
The Heritage of the Kings of David show Yirmiyahu III 8 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 23: The Ideal King show Yirmiyahu III 9 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 23: Two Forms of Redemption show Yirmiyahu III 10 Rabbi Avishai David
False Prophets show Yirmiyahu III 11 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 24: The Prophetic Vision of Yirmiyahu show Yirmiyahu III 12 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 25: Bavel: Evil Persecutor or G-dly Messenger? show Yirmiyahu III 13 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 26: Servant and Messenger show Yirmiyahu III 14 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 27: Accepting Bondage show Yirmiyahu III 15 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 28: The False Prophesy of Channania ben Azor show Yirmiyahu III 16 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 27 and 28: Struggle for Truth show Yirmiyahu III 17 Rabbi Avishai David
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