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Brachot on Foods
Before eating, a Jew must make a blessing. The food should be ready to eat.It should be held in the right hand. One's mouth should be clear of any other food or beverage. The priority in brachot are as follows: 1) Hamotzi 2) Hagafen 3)Mezonot 4) Haeitz 5) Ha'adma 6)Shehakol

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Safek Brachot L'hakel show Intermediate Gemara: Masechet Brachot III 18 Rabbi Moshe N. Reichman
Proper Intentions When Making a Bracha show Intermediate Gemara: Masechet Brachot III 17 Rabbi Moshe N. Reichman
Correcting a Bracha show Intermediate Gemara: Masechet Brachot III 16 Rabbi Moshe N. Reichman
Recognizing Blessing show Shavuot: Accepting the Torah 9 Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
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