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Founded in 2006, as online Torah education was beginning to emerge, has been at the forefront of providing quality Torah inspiration online, via video, to over 30,000 members worldwide. is unique.  As opposed to other platforms, Naaleh is not only an online library or content management system. aims to provide Torah teachers, community leaders, and Rabbinic figures with a personalized platform to engage with a wider audience, spread their teachings, and promote their Torah activities.

Think of as your personal homepage on the web, with a built in audience of seeking and committed individuals thirsty for knowledge and inspiration.

The Teacher Pages provide each teacher with the following free opportunities:

  • Upload and post Video Lectures
  • Upload and post Audio Lectures
  • Post articles and blog posts
  • Add upcoming events to an online events calendar
  • Post products such as books and audio lecture series in an online display that can link to a store
  • Post feedback and testimonials
  • Post announcements regarding new classes, upcoming events, or new publication

Additionally, for a nominal fee, upgraded teacher membership includes:

  • Access to occasional emails to the email list
  • Ability to run paid live webinars
  • Link to your personal social media channels
  • Ability to build a personal email list from within membership