This year’s Lag B’omer events in Meron have shaken, shocked, and broken Jews everywhere. Here at, our community of teachers and Torah students are grappling for the correct response to the tragedy.

This event is so significant,  it deserves a multi-pronged and holistic response.  None of us are so bold as to say that we can understand what needs to be fixed, but as a community of Torah and growth-oriented individuals, we feel there is something we can do as a reaction.
When the searing pain of communal tragedy hits, the Torah instructs us to look inwards, searching ourselves for ways to strengthen our Emunah and improve ourselves. At the same time, many of us feel lost and confused, and are searching for guidance and clarity.
As we reach the shloshim of the victims, please join the Naaleh initiatives below as a way to address the tragedy at Meron:
View a variety of insightful shiurim and find informative articles that discuss the topic of tragedy from a Torah perspective and what the Jewish way of dealing with tragedy should be.

Here you will find the names of the victims and those who need a recovery. We included links to shiurim and lectures about hilchos brachos and shabbos so you can learn and pray on behalf of the kedoshim and injured.

Please submit questions for a future Q&A session with Rebbetzin Heller-Gottlieb and possibly other teachers. Share your thoughts, reaction, or conclusion and write down any personal kabalot and ideas for initiatives that other people can also get inspiration from.

Your Reflections & Comments

Posted by Freida C.:
It's darkest before the dawn - so while we mourn, we also have hope. Now is the time to mourn and at the same time to pick ourselves up and give our Father in Heaven, HKBH, happiness seeing our individual and collective improvement. Iy"H, our mourning will come to an end; we will be zocheh to see the Geulah Shelamah, iy"H, before Tisha B'Av, this very year. Sharing my pain, A Covid widow
Posted by Miriam:
It gives me great pain that we need tragedies to become united, helping and loving each other. May we know no more tragedies.