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Opening The Gates Of The Machzor - Malchiyos show Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Davening: Open the Gates! 7 Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
Rosh Chodesh Nissan: The Power of Renewal show Pesach: Birth of a Nation 30 Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
Purim: Your Chance to Win the Lottery show Purim Unmasked 22 Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
Purim: Battle with Amalek show Purim Unmasked 28 Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
Purim Kattan show Purim Unmasked 30 Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
Chodesh Kislev show Chanuka: Victorious Faith 24 Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan: Sweetening the Bitterness show Jewish Calendar I 3 Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
An Invitation to Hashem's House show Sukkot: Time of Our Joy 2 Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
Making Ourselves a Vessel for Receiving Torah show Greatest of Gifts: Sefirat Haomer and Shavuot 30 Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
Purim: A Time to Speak, A Time to be Silent show Purim Unmasked 31 Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
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