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Rabbi Ilan Segal


Rabbi Ilan Segal, Menahel of Afikei Torah Seminary in Yerushalayim For the past 10 years he has built the school and guided its students.  He has Semicha from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and served as the Rav of Pretoria, South Africa. 

 Afikei Torah –“The Best Kept Secret of the Seminary World” 

Afikei Torah offers an intensive program staffed by some of the finest teachers in the world.  Learning at Afikei Torah is much more than mere academics.  A sincere, committed student will find a program that challenges not only her mind, but her heart and Neshama too, encouraging the development of a truly meaningful relationship with Hashem.

Personal attention to students as individuals enables Afikei Torah to accommodate students from a wide spectrum of backgrounds.

For more information about Afikei Torah see the Afikei Torah Website: or contact Rabbi Segal at

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Overview of the Three Weeks, Part 2 show Jerusalem, Echoes of Lament: Tisha B'Av and the Three Weeks 10 Rabbi Ilan Segal
The Three Weeks, A Recurring Pattern show Jerusalem, Echoes of Lament: Tisha B'Av and the Three Weeks 9 Rabbi Ilan Segal
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