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Tehillim IV
Rabbi Avishai David analyzes the precision and pathos of the Psalms, chapter by chapter. Through the use of many commentaries, Rabbi David breaks down every perek into its components and clarifies the distinctions between them.
Teacher: Rabbi Avishai David

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Perek 127 show Tehillim IV 1 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 127, Part 2 show Tehillim IV 2 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 128 show Tehillim IV 3 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 67 show Tehillim IV 4 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 29 show Tehillim IV 5 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 29, Part 2 show Tehillim IV 6 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 95 show Tehillim IV 7 Rabbi Avishai David
Kabbalat Shabbat: Perek 95 show Tehillim IV 8 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 96 show Tehillim IV 9 Rabbi Avishai David
Three Themes in Kabbalat Shabbat: Perek 97 show Tehillim IV 10 Rabbi Avishai David
Tehillim Perek 27: Hashem is My Light show Tehillim IV 11 Rabbi Avishai David
Psalm 130 show Tehillim IV 130 Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
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