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Practical Judaism
New Fundamentals Class! Practical Judaism is geared to people who want to learn the fundamentals of Jewish faith and practice. This course, based on the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, the Abreviated Code of Jewish Law by Rabbi Shlomo Gantzfried, (ca.1886), focuses on the concrete application of Jewish Law. Some of the topics covered include how to pray, keep kosher, and observe Shabbos. The course does not assume any prior knowledge of Judaism or Torah concepts, and can be enjoyed by both beginners...(more)

Teacher: Rabbi Ari Jacobson

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The Right Start to Your Day show Practical Judaism 1 Rabbi Ari Jacobson
Washing Hands upon Awakening show Practical Judaism 2 Rabbi Ari Jacobson
In the Ways of Gentiles show Practical Judaism 3 Rabbi Ari Jacobson
Covering One's Head show Practical Judaism 4 Rabbi Ari Jacobson
Preparing Oneself for G-d show Practical Judaism 5 Rabbi Ari Jacobson
Respecting G-d show Practical Judaism 6 Rabbi Ari Jacobson
The Treatment of G-d's Names show Practical Judaism 7 Rabbi Ari Jacobson
One Hundred Brachot show Practical Judaism 8 Rabbi Ari Jacobson
Reciting Amen show Practical Judaism 9 Rabbi Ari Jacobson
Birchat HaTorah show Practical Judaism 10 Rabbi Ari Jacobson
Blessings of the Morning show Practical Judaism 11 Rabbi Ari Jacobson
Eating Before Davening show Practical Judaism 12 Rabbi Ari Jacobson
Proper Prayer show Practical Judaism 13 Rabbi Ari Jacobson
Respect for a Synagogue show Practical Judaism 14 Rabbi Ari Jacobson
Proper Use of a Synagogue show Practical Judaism 15 Rabbi Ari Jacobson
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