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Rav Dessler
Rav Eliyahu Eliezer Dessler was born in Libau, Latvia in 1891. His father Rav Reuven Dov, was a disciple of the Alter of Kelm and a successful timber merchant. Rav Dessler was a child prodigy and mastered the entire Shas by heart at the age of 17. He went to study at the yeshiva in Kelm and became close to the mashgiach Rav Yerucham Levovitz. His uncle, Rav Chaim Ozer Grodzinsky held Rav Dessler in great esteem and would invite him to join meetings with the Chofetz Chaim and Rav Chaim...(more)

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Rav E.E. Dessler show The Mussar Revolution 8 Rabbi Hanoch Teller
Class 4: Rav Dessler show Inspired Lives II 4 Rabbi Hanoch Teller
Teachers of the Generation show Inspired Lives 12 Rabbi Hanoch Teller
Masters of Mussar show Inspired Lives 5 Rabbi Hanoch Teller
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