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The holiday of Purim falls out on the 14th of Adar. It celebrates the salvation of the Jewish people from the threat of complete annihilation by Haman and the evil King Achashveirosh. The story, as recounted in Megilat Esther, took place in the 4th century BCE during the Persian exile. When King Achashveirosh ordered Queen Vashti to be killed for refusing to appear before him, he chose a Jewish girl, Esther, to take her place. Esther, following the advice of Mordechai, refused to divulge...(more)

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Tradition Of Rachel and The Fast Of Ester show Purim Unmasked 39 Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
Poors Portion show Purim Unmasked 37 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Purim show Purim Unmasked 38 Rebbetzin Leah Kohn
Kayin And Hevel show Purim Unmasked 36 Mrs. Shoshie Nissinbaum
The Month Of Adar show Purim Unmasked 35 Mrs. Shoshi Nissenbaum
Simcha show Purim Unmasked Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
Ester - Everlasting Experience show Purim Unmasked 26 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Simcha - The Essence Of Purim show Purim Unmasked 27 Rebbetzin Leah Kohn
Lots of Luck - Purim show Purim Unmasked 19 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Purim The Great Test Before The Great Redemption show Purim Unmasked 16 Rabbi Hershel Riechman
Purim- Trees Treason show Purim Unmasked 21 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Accentuating the Acceptance show Purim Unmasked 17 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Hidden Miracles in the Megilla show Purim Unmasked 23 Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg
Purim: Your Chance to Win the Lottery show Purim Unmasked 22 Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
Tefilla: Proactive Response show Fogel Family Remembrance Program 1 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Amalek: Eradicating Evil show Purim Unmasked 24 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Purim: Battle with Amalek show Purim Unmasked 28 Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
Purim Kattan show Purim Unmasked 30 Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
Purim: A Time to Speak, A Time to be Silent show Purim Unmasked 31 Mrs. Shoshie Nissenbaum
Purim: Pride and Prayer show Purim Unmasked 32 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Purim: Esther's Role show Purim Unmasked 33 Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg
Teaching Our Children the Meaning of Purim show Bringing Torah to Life: Deepening our Children's Jewish Experience 13 Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
The Four Parshiyot show Jewish Calendar I 12 Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg
Purim Shpiels show Words That Build: Chofetz Chaim Laws of Proper Speech II 8 Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg
Perek 22, Part 3: The Gradual Break of Dawn show Tehillim VI 3 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 22, Part 2: From Desperation to Salvation show Tehillim VI 2 Rabbi Avishai David
Perek 22: From Abandonment to Revelation show Tehillim VI 1 Rabbi Avishai David
Questions and Answers for Today's Jewish Woman, Part 7 show Rebbetzin's Perspective: Balancing Life's Challenges 7 Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
The Unique Joy of Adar show Purim Unmasked 1 Rabbi Eliezer Miller
Megillah Reading During the Night and Day show Purim Unmasked 25 Rabbi Michael Taubes
Women and Purim show Purim Unmasked 16 Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
Questions and Answers for Today's Jewish Woman, Part 3 show Rebbetzin's Perspective: Balancing Life's Challenges 3 Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
Purim: Living the Secret show Purim Unmasked 15 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Two Purims show Purim Unmasked 14 Rabbi Hershel Reichman
Megillat Esther, Perakim 7-10 show Megillot I 7 Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
Perakim 6 & 7: Hidden Intervention show Megillot I 6 Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
Avoiding Hamanism show Purim Unmasked 7 Rabbi Hanoch Teller
Esther: True Royalty show Megillot I 5 Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
Lottery of Life show Purim Unmasked 4 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Walled Celebrations show Purim Unmasked 13 Rabbi Hershel Reichman
Amalek: Inner and Outer Enemy show Purim Unmasked 12 Rabbi Hershel Reichman
The Gan Eden Experience show Purim Unmasked 3 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Returning from the Depths show Megillot I 4 Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
Partial Redemption show Purim Unmasked 11 Rabbi Hershel Reichman
Eternal Struggle: Mordechai and Haman show Megillot I 2 Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
Luxurious Exile show Megillot I 1 Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
Purim and Geulah show Purim Unmasked 10 Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
Simply Purim show Purim Unmasked 5 Rabbi Hanoch Teller
A Deeper Look into the Purim Story show Purim Unmasked 9 Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
The Essence of Purim show Purim Unmasked 8 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Simchat Purim show Purim Unmasked 6 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Adar: Sanctity of Shekalim show Purim Unmasked 2 Mrs. Shira Smiles
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