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Parshat Va'eira

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Careful Consideration: Parshat Va'eira show Living the Parsha 5777 13 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Diversion And Defensiveness show Living the Parsha 5776 13 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Catalyst And Character show Living the Parsha 5775 12 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Parshat Va'eira: Hail to the Hail show Living the Parsha 5774 12 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Existential Equality and Equanimity Parshat Vaeira show Living the Parsha 5773 12 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Parshat Vaeira: Frog Fundamentals show Parsha For Our Lives 5772 11 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Parshat Va'eira: Existential Exodus Experience show Parsha for Our Lives 5771 11 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Parshat Va'eira: The Greater Good show Parsha for Our Lives 5770 12 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Parshat Va'eira: Pharoah's Iron Heart show Parsha Learning Group: Discovering Classical Commentaries 14 Mrs. Chana Prero
Parshat Va'eira: Promised Redemption show Parsha Journeys 14 Rabbi Hanoch Teller
Parshat Va'eira: Awe of the Abode show Parsha Topics 5769 11 Mrs. Shira Smiles
Parshat Va'eira: Understanding the Will of G-d show Chassidut on the Parsha 24 Rabbi Hershel Reichman
Shovavim - Self Improvement show Jewish Calendar I 11 Mrs. Shira Smiles
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